Somethings change and should not. Other things should change and do not. 

New Testament Church Training brings believers face to face with Bible truths and opportunities to personally identify and experience the church originally designed by Jesus Christ.

Can you imagine being part of a church where Jesus resides as Leader, the Holy Spirit as His Administrator, and where believers all function as priests to God, ministers to one another, and witnesses to the world?  If you are yearning for true spiritual reality, it can be satisfied in discovering the church Jesus designed, for our Lord Himself promises to personally meet with us in our gathering.

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New Testament Church Training is dedicated to providing the tools and training to help you fully understand the church we read about in the New Testament, enter into its experience and lead others to discover Christian life as intended by our Lord.

The study guide, “How Jesus Designed His Church,” brings into focus the divinely unique nature of the church.  The 216 page study guide is available on this site as a PDF or audiobook or can be ordered online as can all the books recommended by NTC

Additionally, seminars are hosted by New Testament Church Training and run as single, 2 1/2 hour introductory surveys, as well as in depth courses meeting once a week for an eight week period.  Please accept the invitation to learn more about the seminar leader, Rob Weber, seminar topics, and the unique study guide that allows the Bible to speak for itself on the all-important subject involving every believer: the church.

By participating in NTC Training seminars, you will be thrilled to discover and experience a church of a truly divine design, one that employs all the grace, gifts, power and promises imbedded in the New Covenant: a church fulfilling Christ’s command to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations… Please contact Rob Weber and sign up for an upcoming seminar or ask him to share with your church group, Bible study, or in any other informal setting.