Seminar Topics

NTC Training Seminars will help you develop a 360° understanding of the Church as Jesus designed it. All of the important elements are identified and discussed.

  • Pictures of the Church
  • Jesus, the Ruling Christ
  • The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Authority and Church Leadership
  • Abiding Together
  • The Ministry of the Many
  • Church Discipline
  • Local Church Responsibilities
  • Elders, Servants of the Church
  • Church Finances


Study Guide

“How Jesus Designed His Church”, by Robert G. Weber. 

Jesus’ design for His Church is God’s mercy to believers and the world.  Old Testament material along with a vast sum of New Testament scripture provides the raw material for a “3D Printed” working model of the New Testament Church; a church unmistakably designed by the Divine hand;  a church for those whose hearts yearn for more of Jesus.

Seminar Schedule

Seminars are hosted throughout the year as groups form.

Single-session, introductory survey class runs two and a half hours on a weekday evening, including refreshments. The book, “How Jesus Designed His Church” provides the study guide.
Rob also hosts an eight week, in depth course, meeting one night a week for three hours. In addition to becoming more acquainted with the spiritual truths of the Church that Jesus designed, the seminar provides opportunity to personally experience the life our Lord intends for those meeting together with Him as Leader.

If you are involved in a church group, fellowship, or other informal gathering where you would like Rob to speak – please ask.