Rob Weber, Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Masters of Divinity, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Author, “How Jesus Designed His Church”
  • Father of 10 children, all by one, wonderful wife of 43 years.
  • Manufacturing Entrepreneur
  • Follower of Jesus Christ since 1976.
  • Student of the New Testament Church.

Rob Weber’s journey of saving faith in Jesus Christ began in 1976 in Philadelphia, PA. While our nation celebrated its Bicentennial anniversary marking 200 years as a free people, Rob and his high school sweetheart wife, Karen, came to Christ; celebrating their new found liberty and abundant life in Jesus.

Rob’s inquisitive faith nurtured by prayer, Bible study, fellowship and ministry slowly focused on the Church. It seemed so simple; a New Testament faith deserves a New Testament Church. His heart-felt quest resulted in researching and writing a Bible-packed, 216 page study guide describing the church as Jesus originally designed it. Rob Weber’s book, “How Jesus Designed His Church” and his seminars allow the Bible to speak for itself; leading those involved to experience for themselves the wonder of being part of God’s awesome plan in these last days.